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The sneaker resale market is expanding daily and it’s now becoming an investment route for many people. Copping hyped sneaker is an accomplishment that could make you thousands of dollars in a matter of minutes

What Are Sneakerheads?

Sneaker collecting as a hobby? Well, welcome to the sneakerheads world. 

Sneakerheads are sneaker collectors and traders. Not any type of sneakers though, but limited editions. And as you may know, exclusive products are always the ones making the most money. So, rarity equals high values. 

Today, sneaker collecting has found its way into the most popular hobbies list. 

Sneakerheads now have a culture of their own due to two main reasons. The emergence of Air Jordans and the rise of the hip hop culture. Since then, some people have started to see sneakers from a different view. They became more than mere footwear. Sneakers became prized possessions. The better the story behind them, the more valuable they become. Just like the banned shoes worn by Michael Jordan. Jordan 1s became a symbol of boldness and rebellion. And as the years go by, the 1985 Jordan 1 only rises in value. 

Now, sneakerhead culture has gone global, not US-exclusive anymore. And its worldwide status only helps increase its growth rate daily. 

In simple words, low sneaker supply and high demand call for a sneaker resale market. 

What Is A Sneaker Resale Market 

The rise of sneakerheads led to the invention of a whole new market, the sneaker resale market. And now, sneaker reselling has become a side hustle for many. As the market’s gaining more popularity every year, sneakers are no longer simple collectibles. But they’re now investments worth thousands and even MILLIONS in some cases. So, as investors grow in number daily, it’s only natural for reselling platforms to expand as well. 

This all led to an increase in the industry’s wealth drastically. In 2019, the global sneaker resale market was worth $6 billion. Not only this, but estimates predict a $24 BILLION increase in 2030.

So, all in all, the sneaker reselling market is a subpart of the sneaker industry. Its popularity has skyrocketed in recent years to the point that sneakers are considered assets in themselves now. They’re THAT valuable. Also, reselling platforms are constantly expanding. Two known platforms are StockX and GOAT. 

What Is Sneaker Reselling? 

The concept of sneaker selling is very simple. Buy at a low price, then sell at a higher value later on. However, real work lies between these two concepts. You have to know all about your purchase to make the best out of your reselling experience. 

In addition, different strategies represent different types of people. Some tend to wait on the shoes they bought to rise in value. Others take the road of the other extreme, where they resell instantly upon buying it. These kinds of people often indulge in bulk buying and reselling. There is also the kind of resellers who focus on fetching the rarest of sneakers off auction bids. That is in the hopes of selling them again at even higher prices. The result? Could be as LITTLE as $1000 and as massive as $1.8 million!

Moreover, research suggests that sneakers are becoming an emerging alternative asset class. Two reasons behind that are the sneakerheads and two major forces in the sneaker industry- Nike and Adidas. 

Sneaker Reselling Guide

Now you’re probably wondering what it takes to enter the sneaker resale market. Well, there are certain things you need to know about before joining the hyped world. 

To begin with, sneaker bots are your means to the sneaker resale world. Without these bots, your chances at copping exclusive sneakers are very slim. So, what you have to do is learn more about sneaker bots and find one that is efficient enough. However, we know the hustle of researching, especially with the increasing number of bots. So, you can refer to a guide that lists the most efficient and affordable bots. So, sneaker bots help you cop hyped sneakers at retail, giving you the freedom of reselling them at much higher prices later on. 

Another means that can help you through your botting experience is joining good cook groups. They are like online services that offer their members exclusive information about upcoming drops and access to botting tools and services

Sneaker Brands With The Highest Resale Value

Let’s take a dive into a sneaker reselling reality. Considering copping a pair or two? You must seek brands that resell at higher values than others. In other words, you should know what to buy using a suitable bot and what to discard. Because what is the meaning of reselling sneakers if they don’t have a good resale value? 

To start with the market leaders, according to StockX Nike has the highest resale values on the platform. With Nike SB Dunk Low Paris being on the top of the list. You ever imagined a $60 sneakers reselling for $62,000? Don’t worry, that was rhetorical…

Moving on to the second most selling brand on the market is Jordan Brand. Jordan 4 Retro Travis Scott Purple (Friends and Family) now resells for $19,963, followed by the widely-known banned Jordan 1 OG Chicago (1985)

Adidas and Adidas Yeezys are also brands that have high resale values following Nike and Air Jordans. However, with Kanye leaving Adidas things are prone to change. Because as you may know, when collaborations end, sneaker resale values tend to increase. Just like it happened with the Red Octobers as Kanye left Nike. This happens because the shoes become so rare that demand for it skyrockets. Therefore, resale values on YeezySupply will most probably increase upon Kanye’s departure from Adidas!

Therefore, if you’re considering being a part of the sneaker resale market, you just need to know that it’s very competitive. But that is exactly what makes it more exciting than any other market. You only got minutes to score as many pairs of exclusive sneakers as you can. You just need to have the tools for it. Most importantly, a sneaker bot!

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