EasyCop Footsites Bot

$199.00 / year

(34 customer reviews)

Consistent success with complete coverage of Footsites.

ECB sneaker bot is all you need with the most frequent releases and high stock on Footsites. We’ve outperformed every bot out there on Footsites and in the future will only be hitting more and more!

Note: As ECB Sneaker Bot grows, retail will be raised accordingly; However, all previous purchases will renew at the original purchased price.

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#1 Footsites Sneaker Bot

The most powerful and consistent sneaker bot is here. Offering an incomparable success rate on Footsites, Easycop is your way to cop the most sought-after sneakers. Cop any exclusive kicks from Footsites limitlessly!

The only limit is your bank account.

Easycop supports:

  • Footlocker US
  • Footlocker CA
  • Footaction
  • Eastbay
  • Champs Sports
  • Kids Footlocker
  • Lady Footlocker


  • Optimized UI/UX
  • Mac & Windows Support
  • Innovative bypass methods
  • Constant Updates
  • Lightning Checkout Speed
  • Unlimited Tasks
  • High Success Rate

34 reviews for EasyCop Footsites Bot

  1. Ray

    One of the best Footsites bots on the market. too bad Footlocker ain’t dropping nothing worthy ECB would’ve cooked!

  2. Tobi

    This bot is very nice to use, Very nice and simple interface. Supports all US footsites. A good starter bot for Footsites botters.

  3. RiskySneakers

    This bot helped me cop slides, Military Black, Pandas, and many more on FTL CA. I appreciate the work the devs put in

  4. Dani

    First time user, hit on all 4 tasks 3 cancelled but overall great bot.

  5. Phil

    Awesome staff great customer service would definitely recommend

  6. Gilad Cohen

    Easy to use, Great beginner bot!
    it’s still a good bot with decent success that is super user friendly! It also has a great 1-1 support team that always there to help you. And an amazing dev!

  7. Lake Dawson

    Awesome experience and helpful team along the way.

  8. Andrew NG

    Great staff. Bot is always being updated to fit users needs.

  9. Adel Bouziri

    LITTT footsites bot that cooks every drop in seconds like look at this.
    Got session.
    Got product info.
    Added item to cart. size: 05.0
    Sent billing info.
    Checked out item!!!! IN 2 SEC

  10. Robert Riley

    From the start of ECB everything has been amazing! From the web based bot to now one of the best Footsite Bots around, ECB has grown so much and is only looking up from here. The community of ECB is also amazing and willng to answer questions at any time, support actually responds and holds a session before most major drops. I am excited to see where ECB goes from here and how far it will progress because I’m along for the ride 100 percent.

  11. Jorge Juarez

    Underrated, I’ve been a part of ECB since the earliest browser based inception and have enjoyed the evolution of the bot. The bot itself is not complicated to use. The menus are straight forward and a novice like me up and running in minutes. The community is very welcoming and helpful to any new members. I’m looking forward to the future of the group and welcome anyone to join.

  12. Kenneth

    For it being new, it has been awesome for me. Easy hassle free checkouts that don’t require captcha or cookies on the users end. And love the fact that the devs and mods are actively updating, communicating and helping its users.

  13. Sprra

    Great bot , runs perfect during release time with easy checkouts methods that don’t require captcha or cookies on the users end. The developers do all of that for you. Support on discord is second to non. Suggest you cop it

  14. Schizo

    This bot is shredding. An underdog. Love the support and how the dev is always active and supportive.

  15. Tarroney M

    EC Footsites bot is relentless. I’ve copped on just about every release, and when I didn’t cop it was one or two things I did wrong in my setup. This bot is slept on. Better watch out!

  16. Bolo337

    I been with EasyCop for a while and I am ecstatic with the new Footsite bot. I own several other FootSite bots but never hit and was tedious to setup but not with EasyCop. The setup was easy and they provide you with release guides. The bot is updated when needed

    So far I have hit at least once on every drop that I used it on. I am glad to have this opportunity to use it and I know it will continue to work and copy many more hype shoes to come.

  17. Ivan Ramirez

    Great program with an amazing staff and hard working developers!

  18. ED Raynsford

    Amazing bot, US footsites were a breeze with this and there are so many updates and new things they keep adding.

    I would not be surprised if this took off completely!

  19. John Baker

    I have been a member of easy cop for a little over a year now. Its been very interesting to watch it grow from a shopify bot to a footsites bot. It seems to be cooking. Keep up the hard work definitely worth the purchase.

  20. Victor Cruz

    This Bot is heavvvvily slept on for footsites. To be very honest I didn’t believe it had the potential at first but then when I saw it get a decent amount of checkouts for The tripple black FOG i decided to give it a try and haven’t looked back since 🙂

  21. Bryan

    Great support, bot cooks!

  22. Norman

    Been around in ECB since 2020, the bot has improved ALOT, always trying to help users and using the simplest UI to help out new users. Guides are always updated and detailed on their discord.

    Always having fun when copping with EasyCop

  23. Rampart

    Bot copped for me, but wish it supported more sites like YS or SNKRS

  24. Manny

    ECB is very easy to use. Very simple and comprehendible. Still waiting to try it on more releases!

  25. SnkrRunner

    Had a few good runs, it is my first ever bot and i am satisfied with it.

  26. SNKRDonuts

    This bot is actually smooth on YS, very easy to use and really fast to go in splash comparing to other bots.

    Only wish if it had an inbot harvester as well!

  27. Benjimin

    Got some slides, thank you fan and ECB you guys are doing awesome!

  28. Tony Adams

    Good bot all around, Constantly updating, Active community and The support is awesome

  29. Danny Praise

    This bot is lit. Cooked like crazy on the slates.

    A big fan of ECB! Totally worth using this bot.

  30. Natanya Neesh

    The bot has been up and working for yeezy supply super great bot! Needs more updates tho.

  31. Natanya Neesh

    Yeezy Supply machine

  32. John Donnway

    This bot is truly amazing, awesome customer service, awesome updates, and they are very caring for their users by adding new sites to make them get alot of profit.

    Easycop to the moon

  33. Benjiman Dark

    This bot is amazing on Yeezy supply but i think it needs a bit more work on footsites

  34. Frank Astra

    Has been really great to me! a great pick up for Yeezy slides thanks fan for the discount!

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