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Ready for some Christmas hype? Well, CPFM and Nike made sure to shock you with an upcoming unique Grinch Dunk! There are usually two extremes regarding your liking of this sneaker drop: you either are a fan of Grinch who encourages this release, Or you are like the spoilsport who talks this drop down. However, no matter what, as a reseller, you won’t be questioning how “bad” the sneakers look as much as you’ll wonder how much they’ll make you on resale. Until this day, the CPFM and Nike collaboration only witnessed success. Bringing its resellers big resale profit. But will their triumph last after the release of the CPFM x Nike Grinch Dunk? Which look like Grinch-feet?

Nike Grinch Dunk CPFM-min

Grinch Dunk, What is CPFM?

Cactus Plant Flea Market is a streetwear brand previously established by Pharrell Williams as a cartel page. It managed random drops and advertised them on Instagram. Later on, with the help of Williams’ Chief confidant and personal assistant, Cynthia Lu, CPFM introduced a new clothing line. Both their connections have helped CPFM become popular since people like Travis Scott and AS@P Rocky flexed their brand. So, CPFM is the go-to place for the hip-hop community in particular.

CPFM and Nike Collaboration history

The journey of the Nike and Cactus Plant Flea Market collaboration started in 2019. Initially, released Air Max models were a celebration of Air max day. After that came the release of their Dunk collaboration, stunning people with constant creative drops! From the Swarovski-embellished Dunk Lows to the Nike x CPFM Flea 1, originality was evident. As well as an unmissable high resale price. From day 1, this collaboration only reaped success and money. And it still does!

Grinch Dunk Features

Grumpy-looking like its inspiration, the new Grinch Dunk is promised to knock you off your feet with its unconventional look. Warning though, it might be a good or a bad knock-off! Green hues of unruly faux-fur overlay the uppers, spreading over the midsoles to connect with the literally ground soles. The unmatching soles really stand out in this design. Grind rubber makes up the soles of one shoe, While a soil color surrounds the other sole. Patched above the heel is a Yin Yang sign, while a CPFM logo finds its place on the tongue flap. The insoles of our Grinch Dunk showcase a heat map. And finally, these new Dunks will get special packages to carry them.

Why buy such unusual sneakers?

Usually, new releases’ features are explained in detail to accentuate their value, individuality, and outstanding performance. So, now you are probably wondering why you’d buy such odd-looking sneakers. In my opinion, I don’t see the Grinch Dunk as something I’d ever flex. I also think this release has no aesthetic value. And in all honesty, any hype this pair collects is just false and probably only profit-driven. Many sneakerheads will think this kind of drop is devaluing the sneaker industry. An original idea doesn’t necessarily mean a bizarre one. Originality, aesthetics, and profitability are always in demand in such an industry. But for some, a sneaker only has to tick the money box for it to be worth buying. So, we can’t ignore that these harshly criticized sneakers can bring you great money as resale. Since the CPFM x Nike collab has never failed to amaze its resellers.

Could the Grinch Dunk be your next investment?

For the sake of investment, this is your chance to make money. Fast money, that is. No matter how hideous this pair looks. However, you won’t be able to achieve this unless you know your way around bulk buying through a trusted sneaker bot. Which will secure a chance at buying the new pair at its retail price. The retail price is still not out, but it will soon enough be. But on the resale frontier, and judging from previously sold CPFM x Nike sneakers, its resale value mostly probably won’t disappoint. In other words, judging from previous releases, such as the Nike Dunk Low Cactus Plant Flea Market Spiral Sage that was resold for an average of $6000 with a $120 as a retail price, the new Grinch Dunk will certainly make at least half that resale price.

Finally, CPFM and Nike promise the Dunk Low “Grinch” drop sometime around the holiday season, 2022. You can find them at Nike’s sneakers app, as well as various authorized retailers.

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