Multithread Technology

EasyCop Ultimate takes advantage of the newest .NET threading classes to ensure maximum speed and efficiency whereas other bots may use older .NET controls.

Early Link Monitor

EasyCop Ultimate will monitor your early links or style codes, and is equipped with many handlers so that you can be the most successful in every circumstance of a release.

Automated Checkout

EasyCop Ultimate will automatically checkout for you on Nike US, Nike SNKRS App, Finish Line, Foot Locker, Footaction, Eastbay, Champs, Jimmy Jazz, and Villa. You can create as many checkout profiles as you’d like, and improve your experience with the Smart Checkout feature.

Advanced Countdown Support

EasyCop Ultimate detects countdown and handles it in such a way that cart requests are submitted even before it is available in a browser.

Proxy Support

EasyCop Ultimate has proxy support so you can run more accounts and avoid the dreaded 403 error on releases.

Start Time Scheduler

EasyCop Ultimate allows you to schedule a time to start running accounts, perfect for those times when you can’t be at the computer.

Multiple Accounts

EasyCop Ultimate allows you to run many accounts as well as multiple stores simultaneously so that you can watch the added products pile up.

Notifications by SMS/Email

EasyCop Ultimate will send customized success notifications messages so that users know that there is an item in cart, perfect for any business.

Simple Cart Management

EasyCop Ultimate makes it extremely easy to view, manage, and checkout many items at a time, and includes an auto-login checkout browser.

Many stores!

Nike US, Nike Europe, Nike CN, Nike JP, Nike SNKRS App, FinishLine, Footlocker, Footaction, Eastbay, Champs, Jimmy Jazz, and Villa are all part of EasyCop Ultimate!

FootSite Account Generator

EasyCop Ultimate allows you to generate auto-verifying accounts for Finishline, FL, EB, FA, and Champs.

Detailed Logs

EasyCop Ultimate always lets you know what it is doing, so that you can ensure that everything runs smoothly. You can also pause and resume the log.

Nike Account Generator

EasyCop Ultimate saves you the hassle of having to create many Nike accounts, and automates the process at a rate of 1 account per second.

Restock Monitor

EasyCop Ultimate comes with a restock monitor that will alert you when your favorite shoes are in stock, hours before the actual restock.

Customizable Settings

EasyCop Ultimate can have its settings, such as retries, delays, and success message, adjusted to fit your needs and required specifications.


EasyCop Ultimate’s staff is very willing to assist you if you encounter any problems or have questions, just email us at the address listed below.


EasyCop Ultimate offers free updates and bug fixes for life for its subscribers, so that it can remain the best bot on the market.

…and more!

EasyCop Ultimate is constantly having features added to it and has future plans, such as compatibility with a larger amount of stores.